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Symbolic Realities of Revolution vs. #UnitetheClans Real Presence. The Unite the Clans movement from the Remnant’s Michael Matt is a good thing, but it won’t win so long as it is focused on Vatican II. The Revolution afoot, those aligned with the devil in the Church, fight us with “symbolic realities” and “symbols of community.” Our Lady, both at Fatima and Akita, emphasized the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and condemned Communion in the hand. This is our true rallying point if we are to wave the banner of resistance!

The Revolution and Laudato Si Climate Change VS Unite the Clans Resistance – to hell with communion in the hand BFP015

Nobody should be surprised at the lack of belief in the Real Presence reported in the Pew Research poll.  Prelates at the top of Vatican Congregations announce the revolution and demand people halt “certain ways of prayer and dress.”  Meanwhile, Michael Matt travels to Akita, Japan, sees that the messages there were the Third Secret, gets inspired to make the #unitetheclans movement.  Instead of #tohellwithVaticanII, the Unite the Clans movement should adopt the banner Our Lady gave us at Fatima and Akita:  #tohellwithcommunioninthehand.

The Cardinal’s Call to Revolution

Cardinal Braz de Aviz, president of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life (that’s who is in charge of nuns) says “A certain way of praying, a way of dressing must change.”  In other words, the devil at the table doesn’t like traditional habits so they have to go, and while you’re at it, nuns shouldn’t be praying so much.

The Remnant Heads to Akita

Michael Matt of the Remnant flew on a plane to Japan and visits the convent where the miracles of Akita occurred. He declares, “this is the third secret of Fatima.”  Amen. Matt is inspired to create the Unite the Clans movement – a rally cry to stop the infighting among those who resist the revolution. We agree 100%! Quickly adopts the “to hell with Vatican II” standard for the movement. 

Akita warned that the devil entered the Church, and we would see “cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop…”

The Real Climate Change Is Caused by Human Behavior

Reports from a parish on twitter with pictures show that school children approach the sanctuary to have their hands anointed with oil as a sign of their commitment to climate strike and Laudato Si.

Our Lady wrapped up the Akita message by saying “…if men don’t repent, fire will fall from Heaven and it will be so terrible the the living will envy the dead.”  Manos concludes that this is the real climate change problem.

The Real Presence Crisis is a Casualty of the Revolution

Father Sosa, General of the Society of Jesus, announced, for a second time, that Satan is a symbolic reality. Manos recalls that they tell us that the Blessed Sacrament is a mere symbol also, recalling a bishop in the 80’s telling him that it was merely “a symbol of community.”  The implication is clear: belief in the Real Presence is one of those “certain ways of praying” being pushed out of the Church by those who coddle the devil in its midst. It is Detente with the Devil and Stagnation of the Church.

Bishop Barron was angered over the Crisis, Where has he been?

Reactions of American prelates to the pew research poll results that so few Catholics believe that the Blessed Sacrament are hilariously bad and show that they’ve been out of touch for decades.  Ever since the 80’s, Catholics have been shoved out of the pews and into the fell good non-denominational Amoris Laetitia  type churches for decades.  Anybody with eyes watching a typical AmChurch parish can tell that even the so-called extraordinary ministers there aplenty don’t believe that is the Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus.  

The USCCB answered by conducting a twitter survey of what they can do to improve the problem.  Ultimately, they are selling a small pamphlet.  Awesome.  Meanwhile, they are protecting the rights of migrants and telling us to stop using straws.

All Reports on the real presence crisis show people receiving Communion in the Hand.

One CNS story uses unintelligible language to describe the new understanding of the Real Presence.  Like Father Sosa’s declaration:  this jargon used by AmChurch is born of hell.  It does not convey the True Faith.

The Standard to Unite the Clans is that of the Blessed Mother:  Stop Communion in the Hand.

It’s clear that those leading the revolution in the Church are in full attack on Our Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  Our Lady warned us of this at Fatima AND Akita.  

The first attacks by the revolution occurred in the 50’s when Carl Rogers and Maslow introduced the “encounter movement” to the IHM nuns in California.  Since then, the first blockade of the Church, the consecrated nuns in habits praying for graces for us and priests, is gone.

The “Revolution” as Cardinal de Aviz announced was well done in the 50’s in the US.  Just look at the leaderboard of the LCWR: there isn’t a habit among any of those sisters at all.

We need to unite around the attack point:  The Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and particularly against Communion in the Hand.

Icon of the Theotokos in Chicago Greek Orthodox Church was Weeping Tears

While not tested by the bishop, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago had an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was weeping tears.  The statue of the Blessed Mother in the convent in Akita wept human tears 101 times.  There’s something going on with this message to the the Orthodox and its relation to Akita.

How the Schism will Happen: Photius all over again

Manos predicts that the increased talk of “Schism” even from Pope Francis is revealing a plan to make a “Photius” moment happen.  The original orthodox schism is widely attributed to the moment when the Pope slapped Photius.  Manos says that the conditions seem to suggest that this is what is brewing for the Unite the Clans resistance:  one of the symbolic leaders in the hierarchy will be “slapped.”  It will tempt many to leave in disgust.   History repeats by rhyming with the past, right”

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