Who Do You Belong To?

There are rivalries among you, each of you saying, “I belong to Biden” or “I belong to the Democrats” or “I belong to the Republicans” or “I belong to Trump.” Though most are baptized, no one dares to say, “I belong to Christ.”

It makes one wonder if going into politics means selling your soul to the party, to a new set of Commandments that requires allegiance stronger than to the original God-given Ten, allegiance bordering on the ultimate bargain with the devil.

A hornet’s nest was stirred when the US Supreme Court ruled there was no right of privacy in the Constitution, thus invalidating laws based on the 1973 ruling, Roe v Wade.

Since then, the evil around us has grown exponentially from the White House to State legislatures to marching, screaming women in the scramble to codify abortion “rights” in America. The votes, in most cases, go along party lines and therein lies the problem.

Are we to believe every single Democrat politician wants abortion-on-demand to the point of birth, which is what most of these bills propose as law? Are we to believe that every single party member, who on Sunday ushers in church or sings in the choir or receives the Holy Eucharist, wants murder for the unborn? Who do they belong to, Christ or the party? What are they afraid will happen if they voted their consciences against the evil before them? Do they think the party leadership willstrip them of their boring committee assignments, skewer them with their pens and destroy them with rhetoric if they don’t vote the party line? Believe me, the skewering may come later along with the smoke of Satan for voting the party line.

Minnesota is a case in point; their Protect Reproductive Options Act, up for a vote in the State Senate, passed the Democratic-controlled State House with only one Democrat voting pro-life. The title of this legislation is a joke. Once a woman goes to the abortion clinic, she is beyond the point of receiving options, information to make a “choice.” Prenatal development is not presented; Planned Parenthood won’t show ultrasounds to clients – ultrasounds of beating hearts. As one former Planned Parenthood worker said, the ultrasounds are only used to verify the fetal age and determine the size of the tube/instruments to be used in the procedure.

Women, vulnerable because of raging hormonal changes, stress, and negative input from male partners who use them in the worst sense of the word, want options, they want to be sure they are making the right decision. So they go to a reproductive health clinic. And what do these women get? An appointment to get rid of their “mistake,” the decision already made for them as if they are too stupid to evaluate options for their future. If that isn’t being treated like mere property, I don’t know what is. It raises once again the question, who do they belong to? Once they go through the door, does the clinic own them?

The media is no help; their fawning members inflate the images of those in power. Those in the mass media belong to the ruling party and the bias in most stories proves it. They’re quick to show a picture of Biden leaving Mass – he, whose administration is blatantly anti-life, whose Vice President yells “How dare they” about pro-lifers using the established legislative process to block the killing fields. Such reporting is an overt challenge to the Catholic Church: Here’s one of your own still in the fold despite your preaching that life matters.

Without our shepherds taking visible action against these infidels in power, they, too, appear to belong to someone else.

Don’t these people – the President, legislators, reporters, every person lapping at the trough of evil – realize they are but one step from death, as are we all? And when they go before Christ, the Just Judge, there is no defense, no way to say “I didn’t mean it.” Mouths are sealed forever. To those who make these horrendous laws, Christ will say:

“I saw you as you wrote the words, I heard you as you spoke in debate. And this is your signature on the final copy of the law, condemning the least of My children to death.”

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Cindy Paslawski

CINDY PASLAWSKI earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, back when truth and accuracy were prized. She has been active with the Wanderer Forum Foundation almost since its inception, while working as a reporter for The Wanderer newspaper. She has also worked on the front lines as a church secretary and most recently as a freelance book editor. As the Wanderer Forum Foundation/Bellarmine Forum's executive secretary and publication editor since 1995, she has overseen production of the Forum Focus and the Bellarmine Forum magazines, coordinated Regional and National Wanderer Forums, and saw to the publication of both Saving Christian Marriage (2007) and Slaying the “Spiritˮ of Vatican II With the Light of Truth (2017). She and her patient husband have six grown children and nine grandchildren.

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