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4 Responses to More Catholic X-Files: St. Hubert or St. Eustace on Jagermeister logo? — Hubert’s Hound is the Bloodhound

  1. I’m sorry, but the proposed rejection of the story of St. Hubert and the stag, whether in general or vis-a-vis the crucifix between its antlers, is wholly arbitrary and meritless. That part of the story is recounted in the New Advent article, found on holy cards depicting St. Hubert, and widely repeated. Why would St. Hubert recount his experience? Likely for the same reason that many saints told the stories of miraculous events in their lives: under obedience to a superior.

  2. I honestly don’t like your conclusions at all. Firstly the comment “Putting my tongue firmly in my cheek, I would say that the stag story was made up by the Belgians in order to give themselves a rich history like Rome’s.” is simply insulting. As a Dutch man I take offence to it because it implies that firstly we have no pride in our Germanic heritage and therefore must imitate Rome. Secondly it implies that our saints are just poor copies of saints who existed previously.

    God’s miracles repeat themselves. He split the Red Sea and He split the Jordan (3 times in fact) as well as having many other miracles throughout the Bible are repeated. When are they repeated? Most often when people have similar characteristics, or are on a similar a similar mission (ex. Elijah and Elisha both split the Jordan). Hubert and Eustace are similar in the conversion, yes, but God simply has brought to men with similar interests (hunting) into His fold using the same method: a miracle through a deer.

    God is not limited to doing a miracle only once, so we should simply accept when they happen over and over and rejoice in them. Relegating great miracles to myth so easily only decreases faith, those who have faith can see many miracles in their lives, but those who so critically attack miracles will never see such signs.

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