colonel presenting the dolphin delivered icon of The Sign

There I was, Minding my Own *** Business, when Dolphins brought an Icon ??!!!

By John B. Manos / June 14, 2017 /

The comedian used to say it:  “There I was, minding my own d*#$! business, when all of a sudden…” and he’d spin a story. The best part was that none of it seemed like it could fit together. To this day, I will still say it like that comedian because it makes me laugh… So, there you…

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The X-Files of the Church: Slaying Dragons, Resurrection from the dead, and George

By John B. Manos / April 23, 2013 /

Today is the feast of Saint George, who has a pedigree that will make your head spin with fascination and wonder. He isn’t known as a “wonder worker” per se, but he is attributed in various historical accounts as: slaying a dragon; having resurrected from the dead after having been slain for his conversion; coming…

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All Saints Day: X-files, B-list, and now Dog Faced Saints

By John B. Manos / October 31, 2012 /

Is there a day to venerate the dog faced saints? You bet! and all the other ones nobody is sure about, too.

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