From a Christmas Homily of Saint Ambrose

By John M. DeJak / December 29, 2011 /

Consider the beginnings of the nascent Church. Christ is born and the shepherds have begun their vigil. They round up the flocks of the nations, nations that formerly lived like cattle. They gather them into the Lord’s enclosure, lest these flocks suffer the assaults of spiritual wild beasts lurking concealed in the night’s darkness. And…

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Plenitudo temporis

By John M. DeJak / December 26, 2011 /

Ed. Note. The Wanderer Forum Foundation is pleased to be able to present to you the homily of Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas for Christmas 2011 at the Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan. We would like to acknowledge Father’s generosity in sharing this and we reproduce it here for your edification as you continue in your…

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Is America Just a Protestant Botch?

By John M. DeJak / December 16, 2011 /

Read the latest from WFF Board Member Chris Manion. (Hat tip: Crisis Magazine)

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The Empire Builder (or, What I Saw on the Train)

By John M. DeJak / December 13, 2011 /

Trains and Christmas go together. It has been so—at least in the United States—since the early part of the 20th century. It is not unusual to see a train encircling the Christmas tree, or to read a Christmas story or watch a Christmas movie with people traveling by train. There is a certain romance bound…

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Christmas as Real History

By Charles E. Rice / December 9, 2011 /

Ed. Note. In this 2005 article authored by WFF President Charles E. Rice, he suggests to Notre Dame students and to all of us a new approach in considering Christmas. In the face of the secularization that continues to get worse with each passing year and in the midst of an increasingly hostile federal government…

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Immaculate Conception Novena: Ninth Day

By John M. DeJak / December 8, 2011 /

In the Year of Our Lord 1846 the bishops of the United States dedicated our land to Mary of the Immaculate Conception. In a brave and splendid gesture they presented to the Queen of Heaven the new republic with its high hopes and uncertainties, with its enormous possibilities for good or evil, with the record…

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Immaculate Conception Novena: Eighth Day

By John M. DeJak / December 7, 2011 /

Life is not easy for a man who aspires to strong virtue. Temptations are much too fascinating. In youth passion plays like a livid flame. In success false loves throw themselves before him. In failure he is prompted to seek forgetfulness in sin. And always, creature of body and of soul that he is, he…

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Saint Nicholas has something for Everyone – Even Pawn Brokers

By John B. Manos / December 6, 2011 /

Today’s feast is that of Saint Nicholas, a saint worthy of notice by anyone and everyone. He was a Bishop at the young age of 22. (22!). He is famed with resurrecting people from the dead, including three young boys who had been butchered by their father. He brought wheat to his famine struck area…

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Immaculate Conception Novena: Seventh Day

By John M. DeJak / December 6, 2011 /

He who loves mankind and knows anything at all about history cannot doubt the importance of pure women to the world. Pure women must mother the race. In the days of men’s young and fierce temptations pure maidens must be the cool protestations against passion and the inspirations that turn men to pure love. The…

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Immaculate Conception Novena: Sixth Day

By John M. DeJak / December 5, 2011 /

“Like Mother, like child,” runs the ancient saw. He who accepts the Savior as His Lord and God cannot doubt the perfect sinlessness that was Christ’s. It is blasphemy to imagine for a second that Christ could have been in the power of Satan, that His soul lacked the fullness of divine life, that He…

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