Footnote 13. MSNBC Promotes Ignorance Masquerading As Moralism

By Christopher Manion / December 8, 2012 /

Chris Manion finds a surprising cause for the playground name calling rampant today.

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Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception

By John M. DeJak / December 8, 2012 /

Macula non est in te!

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Channelling Saint Paul in the Twin Cities

By wffguest / December 7, 2012 /

Ed. Note. The Bellarmine Forum is pleased to welcome this guest commentary by Mr. Terence Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney writes of an important initiative of evangelization in Minneapolis-St. Paul that takes the truths of the Gospel to places where it would not otherwise be heard–hipster coffee shops. This fearless group of mostly 20-something Catholics are unafraid of taking on…

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Footnote 12. Counterfeiting is a crime — unless you do it legally.

By Christopher Manion / December 6, 2012 /

Counterfeiters multiply during the Christmas season – but in Washington DC, it’s Christmas every day!

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Footnote 11 – Is Social Justice Compatible with Charity?

By Christopher Manion / December 4, 2012 /

A story told by Archbishop Chaput causes Chris Manion to ask- has social justice replaced virtue these days?

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The First Sunday of Advent

By John M. DeJak / December 1, 2012 /

During the next several weeks the Bellarmine Forum will be posting some prayers to cultivate devotions in the home for you and your families. We hope that these devotions will help you in your spiritual life as the Church prays with the rhythm of the seasons in her liturgical life. The beauty of these prayers…

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From Under the Rubble…A Time for Truth–Beyond Politics

By Christopher Manion / December 1, 2012 /

Before the election, American bishops were united more than ever before in defending the First Amendment rights of Catholics from the Obama Administration’s frontal attack. But barely a fortnight passed before the bishops conference lapsed back into its divisive left-wing mode, calling for higher taxes, massive government spending, and other Democrat Party priorities. Is this…

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Footnote 10: Are the Bishops fighting Gay Marriage with one arm tied behind their back?

By Christopher Manion / November 27, 2012 /

In Footnote episode 10, Dr. Manion concludes that the faithful would come to the defense of Sacramental marriage if our bishops would teach Humanae Vitae – and we should support them when they do.

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Footnote 9: When Is A Scandal Not A Scandal?

By Christopher Manion / November 25, 2012 /

In this episode of Footnote, Dr. Manion asks the question, When is a scandal not a scandal, and finds the answer to be:

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From Under the Rubble…Scandals and the Scandalous

By Christopher Manion / November 23, 2012 /

Here’s our laugh of the day: The Petraeus Scandal isn’t really scandalous at all. That’s according to the Washington Post, published in the city where “I Don’t Believe The Post” buttons have been a popular gift item for years. The Post not only likes to play referee in the Beltway’s Blue-Team, Red-Team game, it also…

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