VIDEO: What Happened to the Blessed Sacrament in this Communion in the Hand scene?

Communion in the hand is taken for granted in the standard AmChurch parish, but the indult was obtained by fraud and treachery on the part of Bernadin. Father Hardon was right, whatever we can do to stop Communion in the Hand will be blessed by God.

What follows is a recent scene from a parish located in a major United States city. The video clip is an excerpt from a Sunday Mass published publicly that parish on social media. Faces have been blurred. The identity of no one in the clip is important here, rather the activity (or non-activity) of the communicant, and what precisely was done with the Blessed Sacrament here?

Communion in the hand at a US parish: what happened to the Blessed Sacrament here?

You tell me: what happened? Leave a comment below!

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John B. Manos

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  • Concerned Catholic says:

    Why wasn’t the priest more attentive? This is the problem with Communion on the hand, it’s done so robotically just to get the line moving.

    • John B. Manos says:

      How can he watch anyway? They are turned away from him by then. If they were lined up at an altar rail, at least they’d be in his field of sight.

  • John says:

    Some people may put the host into their pockets, for some reason, and take it home, and they are not allowed to do that. It’s a terrible thing to do. However, and fortunately for my own peace of mind, I don’t believe that it is a real consecrated Host anymore in the novus ordo. For that you need a validly ordained Priest, Bishop, and a real validly elected Pope.
    And all three of them are not around within the churches these days. It will change in the future, because Mary has promised the triumph of her Immaculate Heart

  • John Raymond says:

    I used to weep. I don’t believe this is Catholic mass, no transubstantiation occurs. Tragic that some believe transubstantiation occurs and don’t search deeper for WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???

    • John B. Manos says:

      The priest did say the words of consecration and there were no shenanigans as far as that goes.

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