Like Cockroaches Crawling Out of the Woodwork

They’re off and running again: marching, screaming, waving signs, frothing at the mouth about women’s rights. Mere mention that the scope of Roe v Wade might be limited and protesters began to proliferate like cockroaches crawling out of the woodwork.

Media coverage, of course, has played up every comment by any woman of choice, the alleged tear-jerking “hard cases” in which some female with a Facebook following or wife of someone famous or not, says aborting her child was the hardest decision she ever made. But she did it anyway.

Rallies every week expound women’s rights. In Minnesota, the Lieutenant Governor, herself a Native American (I am always puzzled why minority activists promote the destruction of minority children) spoke with two U.S. senators about women’s reproductive rights. It is never mentioned that half the babies aborted are little girls who will never have reproductive rights. All that matters is the right to destroy life. Over and over ad nauseam: “Choice”; “My Body My Choice”; “Keep Your Hands Off My Body.” This stuff is akin to brainwashing by those who were brainwashed, seduced by the idea that the only way to be free and fulfilled is to be able to have sexual relations any time, anywhere, with anyone. Welcome to hell.

Demonstrations have occurred outside Catholic churches. A pro-life organization in Madison was vandalized, a written message left behind warned: “If abortions aren’t safe then neither are you.” And the Supreme Court justices themselves have been threatened.

These actions all add up to raw intimidation. The choicers are trying to force a change in a decision already made – on constitutional grounds – which only needs the written explanation to be announced to all. These threats constitute illegal activity to be sure, but ignored because those in power on all levels of government pick and choose what to enforce, depending on the political climate. Remember the George Floyd protests and the reverence with which those burning, looting rioters were treated from Portland to New York City? The upraised fist, hallmark of the Black Panthers in the ’60s stills stands in Minneapolis where Floyd was killed.

The only true victims in all the current turmoil are the unborn children ripped out of the wombs of their mothers. It’s easy to pick on those who cannot fight back.

Where Is Our Protest?

Have you heard anything in protest of these hideous deeds, not that the New York Times and social media platforms would publicize it anyway. Did any representative of any diocese call a press conference to denounce the insanity of advocating child murder? Just once, just once in my lifetime, I want to hear our bishops scream:

“Stop! You’re going to burn in hell for this. You so-called Catholics who support these murders will meet your Maker soon and there is no defense!”

But, of course, no one would care about these words, they’re too busy creating hell on earth. What’s the big deal?

I see that May 13, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, was designated as a day of fasting and prayer for the right to life. Too bad that wasn’t widely announced, too bad the diocesan paper with the news arrived May 14. However, that weekend, in our diocese, we did hear a plea for funds to restore a retirement home for priests. I like retired priests, but the elderly, ordained or not, will be on the execution list in the future. Better to have issued a plea for a call to action in defense of life.

This anti-life idiocy is in its 50th year. Have you not noticed how it goes? The choicers have their say, the pro-lifers have theirs. We have January 22nd to demonstrate, they have the next day. It’s almost like the protests are part of the establishment, the routine. Ho-hum. And we’re told thou shalt not judge? I say, to hell with all this political correctness. Take a stand!

The readings from the Acts of the Apostles the last few weeks provide some inspiration:

“We must obey God rather than men”

Acts 5:29

(After being scourged), “they departed the presence of the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they had been counted worthy to suffer disgrace for the name of Jesus”

Acts 5:40-41

“It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the kingdom of God”

Acts 14:21

It is a battle between good and evil for sure. And evil sometimes comes out on top:

“The Jews, however, incited the women of prominence who were worshipers and the leading men of the city, stirred up a persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled them from their territory”

Acts 13:50

That’s all they had to do, get the important women riled up and the persecution of Paul and Barnabus was off and running. That’s all they had to do, in 2022, is leak a Supreme Court decision that put so-called women’s rights in danger and it was off and running with the screams, protests, and hate.


Back in 1973, abortions were generally viewed with disgust. The outrage that the court allowed abortions across the land and virtually at any time of gestation was real. Read that decision carefully, folks, it came down to the state could, but didn’t have to, prevent aborting children past the second trimester, up to the moment of birth. Members of Congress were angry. Bishops across the country gave stirring statements in defense of life. At the time, only The Wanderer newspaper published these comments, page after page, most dictated over the phone to two people in the editorial department with manual typewriters (the current editor, Peggy Moen, will attest to this, she was one of these typists). There was talk of legislation, constitutional amendments. The National Right to Life Committee and various state pro-life organizations formed to get support for sponsoring legislation, to educate people that it wasn’t a blob being aborted but a living child. The semantics had been almost instantaneously changed by the choicers, with words like “tissue” and “product of conception” describing the unborn baby, to desensitize public opinion.

All of the anger and protest became bogged down in the “process.” To get a law there had to be a committee to study the issue, hearings on both sides of the issue had to be held, there had to be a committee vote and then a vote by a larger body to move any legislation forward. Finally, a year later – 1974! – Catholic prelates testified in defense of life before the committee. Others testified. And stalemate. Nothing happened.

In their naïveté, pro-lifers played the game according to the rules, attempting to get laws enacted limit abortions, to provide parental consent, then at least for parental notification before minor children had abortions, all to no avail because the courts always reverted to the so-called right of privacy that was used to create the Roe v Wade decision. It didn’t help that legislators flip flopped. Minnesota’s Representative Bruce Vento was elected because he was pro-life, but a few years later changed sides because, he said, the pro-lifers were never going to win. The choicers, however, were used to fighting down and dirty and under the radar. They worked to change the rhetoric to argue for women’s rights, they aborted the language eliminating the word “baby,” instead using terms “embryo” and “fetus,” the latter for a “product of conception” over 4 months gestation who was kicking and sucking a thumb until the moment of birth. According to the gospel of choice, life in the womb didn’t exist before birth and they wanted to keep it that way.

These many years later, abortion methods have proliferated from a do-it-yourself pill to partial-birth abortion, a true oxymoron used to describe a procedure that was difficult to limit in spite of the fact the children murdered with this method were large, quite viable, but dependent upon the whim of the mother.

Why? Why has this travesty continued?

To this day, the dollar sign seems to me to be the raison d’etre of the abortion business. Killing the unborn was a lucrative business from the start and the hounds of hell were after the almighty buck. Doctors made money, clinic managers made money, employees made money, even though sickened by gross tasks such as identifying pieces of a baby’s body after an abortion procedure. When pro-life protestors and sidewalk a counselors arrived on the scene, particularly the dramatic Operation Rescue clinic blockades of the 1980s and 1990s, burly escorts made money bringing the women through the lines to the doors, physically preventing any positive information to be given to prospective clients and in fact roughing pro-lifers up. The police did some of this roughing up as well, in various locations around the country, breaking limbs of nonviolent protesters, and women like Joan Andrews were left to rot in jail without due process. It was like looking at the gates of hell watching the Minneapolis police drag limp pro-lifers out of a clinic and throw them into a waiting van while we prayed over them.

All for money. And where did this money for the abortion industry come from? The checkbooks of the women having their babies sucked out of them. From insurance. From state medical assistance, which oddly enough, funded out-of-state abortions (Table 15, Minnesota Dept. of Health, 2020 Report to State Legislature). That’s all abortion was and is now and forever shall be: a lucrative bu$ine$$ that must be kept going at all co$t$, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic Essentials

Flash back to 2020. Who can forget then-Governor Andrew Cuomo shouting over the airwaves as he berated the federal government for not providing essentials needed to care for patients in New York City hospitals. The continuing scream of sirens provided background music for his news conferences and stories of refrigerated trucks stuffed with dead bodies hit the national news services.

It wasn’t just New York, though, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles were ravaged with sickness and death; the entire country shut down all but “essential services” in an attempt to halt the virus spread. Elective surgeries were halted, allegedly to preserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE=masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) and even the mighty Mayo Clinic projected billions of lost revenue if unable to resume their elective medical services in a timely manner.

Yet, in fact, in all of these places and many more across the country, abortions went unchecked because they are hidden under the euphemism of reproductive services and reproductive services were recognized by all as “essential.” As a New York Planned Parenthood representative said, they had to be open. “If people are going to be staying home, they’re going to need birth control.” And we all know abortion is birth control.

And abort they did, everywhere. The Orlando branch of Pro-Life Action Ministries took a photo of people lined up in March 2020 outside a Planned Parenthood provider – maskless, not socially distant – the day AFTER the governor ordered all to delay “medically unnecessary, not urgent” procedures.

The whole situation was and is schizophrenic, allegedly preserving PPE by limiting the ability of hospitals and clinics to perform real medical services while abortion providers got a free pass to provide “reproductive services” for people, most of whom were twenty-somethings who wanted abortions because they didn’t want children (Tables 16 and 16a, Minnesota Dept. of Health, 2020 Report to State Legislature).

The advent of video visits and abortifacient pills in the mail is just another warped health “service” enabled by the pandemic. An organization called Just the Pill began travelling in the fall of 2020 distributing and/or mailing pills in rural areas and states (Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming). They wanted “to grow the mobile clinic’s services to include…suction abortion procedures.” Isn’t the back of a van akin to a back alley? Pro-Life Action News (April 2021) reported Just the Pill even provided “kid packs” with treats and coloring books for “little ones that are brought to their parents’ appointments. We want our patients to know that kids are welcome at our clinic and that being a parent can be a big component of the need for abortion access.”

When Texas made most abortions illegal, Just the Pill advertised “Now Hiring Drivers for Mobile Abortion Clinics in New Mexico.” Obviously they had plans to park across the state line to provide abortion services for Texas women (Pro-Life Action News, December, 2021). Just A Pill is based in the Twin Cities in the ce$$pool that is Minnesota.


Again, I ask why? Huge profit$ in the Big Bu$ine$$ of death. And Planned Parenthood, which spawned and supports groups for choice doesn’t want their funding cut off, plain and simple. I suspect there are also contributions to campaign funds for members of Congress at stake as well. Hidden, but always there to ensure protection of their bloody income.

So rile up women of prominence, the Nancy Pelosis and Kamala Harrises and Michelle Obamas and movie stars and all the other womanly “sisters” and let them scream for the right to control their own bodies, except there are two bodies involved. I have yet to see a person of two physical sexes – transgenders not included – two blood types, and different numbers of chromosomes, one of whom destined for slaughter.

Enough. It’s time to take a stand with counter demonstrations. We need words from our church leaders at Sunday Mass and by example in the streets before the abortion clinics in protests of the deaths they engineer. It is time to name the sin as murder and demand the killing stop. This is the moral imperative before Catholic leaders and leaders of other churches who claim to speak in the name of Jesus Christ. Let the fear of losing tax exemptions be damned. As for the rest of us, we must leave our gazing in wonder at television nonsense and phones and rise up. Lives depend on it – our lives, our souls depend on it.

(Photo from Pro-Life Action News, April 2020. Used with permission)
(Photo from Pro-Life Action News, April 2020. Used with permission)

(Photo from Pro-Life Action News, April 2020. Used with permission)

Time to take it to the streets again!

Time to take it to the streets again!

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Cindy Paslawski

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    Everything said in this article is historically correct.

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