Akita and Fatima: Priests Must Be Nicodemus Today

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Jesus hated compromised clergy and Holy Week Gospels remind us of what they did to Him when He called them out. As promised last time, this episode we discuss the Third Secret of Fatima in light of the situation in the Church today. Good priests and Bishops must tow the party line (or suffer the consequences) while those under kompromat are advanced. It is like the Gospels of Palm Sunday where the people – under the pressure of the compromised clergy of the Scribes and Pharisees go from “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him”. Also discussed are how the laity are turned against Vigano and Schneider, who each have legitimate questions, but are pushed to the margins like Nicodemus. The Scribes and Pharisees of then are like the soldiers in the Church today that force good priests and bishops to be quiet or get sent away. Our Lady’s remedy as well.

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Synodality Participation and Crucify Him!
01:20 – Mission of the Church is Vertical to God, not horizontal
02:35 – Speech Expectations of the Scribes and Pharisees in the Passion Gospels
03:29 – The False Image of Jesus presented then and today
04:37 – Nicodemus had to watch his mouth and be secret
05:20 – Do you think priests are free to speak their minds today?
07:28 – Priests Removed for Speaking their mind (think perverting our nation)
08:10 – Nicodemus is our guy today – Good priests have to be like him or face the Stasi or Gulags
09:55 – Scribes and Pharisees (full of compromises): Jesus hated it then as He does today
11:07 – Judas Became the Wicked Betrayer By Compromise
12:34 – Compromise with the World, Get the Temple Destroyed
13:53 – Pressure from the Compromised Clergy Made people shout Crucify Him! (distorted synodality)
14:47 – The people shout at Vigano (we found him perverting our nation)
18:01 – Jesus replaced the Compromised Clergy Entirely
19:07 – Podesta, Soros, Catholic Springtime SWIFT payment used to remove Benedict

see the 2017 post mentioned in this segment here:

SPECULATION: Pope Francis, Chinese Bishops, SWIFT, and Benedict’s Resignation

21:57 – Wait for Benedict to Die or Conclave now? Lightning Strike was good or bad portent?
23:15 – The Mix in the Church Includes Agents of Satan?
24:35 – The Current Situation and the Scenes of the Third Secret of Fatima
25:48 – Illusory reflection in the mirror – two popes?
27:21 – Soldiers in the Church – disappearing priests and religious
30:43 – we had the impression and Vigano’s legitimate questions
31:52 – Something’s not right! There’s your sign: lightning stirking and the roof collapsing
32:53 – Our Lady’s Remedy and Bishop Schneider
34:15 – The Laiety Are Joining in today (just like Holy Week)
34:59 – Asking Questions Should Always Be Encouraged (not Crucified)
35:34 – The Catholic Nomenklatura, Zampolit — Scribes and Pharisees no doubt
36:27 – Freedoms in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, Just like in the Church Today
40:06 – Dealing with Problem People – the Apparatchiks are watching for deviations from the Party Line
42:34 – The Party Line is the unspoken rules – sort of like the Invisible/Hidden Black Sun
44:56 – The two ways out of this mess
46:00 – Akita’s warning against Soviet Kompromat in today’s clergy
48:08 – Our Lady’s Suffering at Holy Week is Like Today
50:32 – Outro

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