Pope Benedict XVI

RIP Pope Benedict – What Might have Been For Russia

By John B. Manos / December 31, 2022 /

Revisit Pope Benedict’s life and legacy, as well as learn about what could have happened between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church through Fatima if he had reigned longer.

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Akita and Fatima: Priests Must Be Nicodemus Today

By John B. Manos / April 11, 2022 /

Nicodemus supported Jesus, but had to hide lest the compromised clergy then make him disappear. Just as Fatima secret said of today – two popes?

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Despite all the Angst, Maybe Pope Francis is Right… And the reactions were wrong for the wrong reasons

By John B. Manos / June 26, 2016 /

In the past week, Pope Francis said something that got everyone in an uproar (imagine that).  Catholic blogs were immediately lambasting the statement.  Many claimed that he was wrong to say what he said.  A giant news network even got into the act and claimed it was time for him to resign.  I wonder if maybe…

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“The Interests of a Few”

By John M. DeJak / February 21, 2014 /

                    The theories of the social contract…were elaborated at the end of the 17th century (cf. Hobbes): that which would bring harmony among men was a law recognized by reason and commanding respect by an enlightened prince who incarnates the general will. Here, too, when the common…

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Two Grand Old Men of the Church

By John M. DeJak / January 20, 2014 /


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Pope Francis Greets Pope Emeritus Benedict for Christmas!

By admin / December 24, 2013 /
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Magazine – The Public Face of Vatican II: Change

By John B. Manos / July 5, 2013 /

…across the face of the Church are compared between the ways things are today, and the way God intends for His Bride, Our Church: Worship is Our Most Important Calling….

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Standing on Two Feet? Does the USCCB get Social Justice?

By Stephanie Block / June 7, 2013 /

For years, Catholic educators have used the visual of two footprints to explain the difference between two kinds of charitable works, that is, the traditional “works of mercy” and what is, in some places, called “social justice.” This latter work is explained in different ways, depending on the degree of fidelity given material has to…

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Footnote 34: Benedict’s Motu Proprio (first of two)

By Christopher Manion / May 25, 2013 /

As he was preparing to leave office, Pope Benedict XVI promulgated a critical clarification of Canon Law regarding how the Church conducts Catholic charities of all kinds. The local bishop, not the national conferences, should be the point man, he says, and they must implement many common-sense rules that a lot of Catholic institutions are not going to like – at all.

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The Second Vatican Council: Tradition and Continuity

By John M. DeJak / March 25, 2013 /

Think you know Vatican II? Can you name the documents and facts of Vatican II besides Lumen Gentium? Ever wonder what the popes were thinking who signaled the need for a council? (and why what happened afterward wasn’t what they were looking for) — Our latest Magazine has these and more answers!

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