Back when my husband was in boot camp in early 1970, his group of draftees was being trained for combat. Bayonet practice was particularly onerous to him. With every thrust, the guys were told to yell, “To kill! To kill!”

The anti-Roe v Wade privacy decision protests swirling continuously around our nation remind me of this because their whole purpose is to kill and to insure the unborn will always be killed.

Let’s look at July 17, when several protests emerged at State Capitols around the country, it was a particularly bloody-red-letter day for the choicers. Here in Minnesota, crowds flashing their choice/women’s rights/my own body signs made their pilgrimage to the steps of the capitol building. Were those cars jamming the usually empty hotel lot near the freeway theirs? The two comfy tour buses as well? So many vehicles lined the streets in our otherwise dead capital city that we had difficulty finding a parking spot to attend noon Mass at our little downtown church.

The squat, pompous Minnesota governor spoke to them all, asserting abortion rights and stating how he wanted Minnesota to be a go-to state for physical and pharmaceutical abortions for anyone who wanted one. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D, of course) said she was there so women could have privacy and autonomy over their bodies. Yet another speaker said she was there, acting on behalf of future generations.

There will be no future generations if these speakers and those like them across our country have their way.

Minnesota is already on the path of destruction for the future. It is already on the way to being a killing field. In July, Thomas Gilligan, a state Supreme Court judge, struck down restrictions on abortion in the State of Minnesota, citing a 1995 ruling, Doe v Gomez,and claiming the Minnesota constitution allowed abortion. Doe v Gomez also ruled that under equal protection, people on Medical Assistance had access to reproductive services at taxpayer expense. Thus hard-won restrictions to protect the unborn were ended: parental notification – not consent – of a minor child receiving abortion services; informed consent, that is, information about abortion and other options prior to the procedure; the 24-hour waiting period. Gilligan also voided the requirement that only a doctor could perform abortions.

No doctor? Does that mean in the future, anyone can set up pop-up tents in parking lots as they do for fireworks sales and vacuum babies out of wombs? Will there be little shops – similar to the cannabis store fronts in Denver – on every other corner with suction services? Do you think that’s an over-the-top comment? Just the Pill is located here, they have vans that travel to rural areas, now to provide abortion pills, but want to expand to first-trimester “services.” In the back of a van?

And considering equality under the law in reproductive services, then there should be pop-ups offering castration/vasectomies in parking lots as well.

No doctor? Did you hear that, Ilhan Omar? What kind of privacy for a woman is that, to have someone who could be the local mechanic invading a woman’s inmost being? What kind of autonomy will a woman have if the abortionist doesn’t know how to do the job? My first recollection of abortion’s tragedy was the rumor in our parish that the 16-year-old daughter of a known family didn’t want to admit she was pregnant and had her boyfriend, a medical student, do the abortion. He accidentally killed her.

Why? Why is all of this almost tangible evil running rampant around us? Those women, standing and cheering at the rallies, have they all had abortions? Or do they say they personally wouldn’t but they want others to be able to choose death. Choose – like deciding which chocolate from the Whitman’s Sampler to taste. Ask Eve about the taste of evil.

Why the bloodlust? Saying that killing off the unborn is helping future generations is utter nonsense. Who benefits from such lies? Politicians, for sure, the guys and gals who sway like reeds in the wind toward whichever bandwagon they can jump on to garner votes. Being in office gives these men and women power and they whore after votes in their election campaigns. Any issue which can be exploited for votes, they’re on it. One representative from Minnesota, the late Bruce Vento, said it all. He’d been elected on the pro-life ticket, but after a few years, switched sides, because, he said, “they can’t win.” Winning is all.

Another beneficiary of the bloodlust is the abortion industry – and it is a big business venture.

No matter who the female is beneath the knife or swallowing the pill, the abortion side gets paid. Planned Parenthood, Women’s World Health (conveniently located near the airport), hospitals, doctors, clinics, Just the Pill: they get their 30 pieces of silver whether from state coffers or insurance or money borrowed/saved for the purpose of death – one location charges over $1400 per client. These providers expect “a crazy increase” in their clientele with the welcome mat out for out-of-state death seekers.

There are only losers in this gambit. The babies lose and women lose, as well, in this liberated age. Women want their rights, but actually have no concept of their bodily autonomy, the personal autonomy which shows in the strength to fend off the men who use them as sex toys, the men with power to manipulate emotions and then walk away unless the child they created is destroyed. Women have the right to say no to being such sex slaves, that’s the only reproductive right that counts.

If a woman has no better opinion of herself and purpose than this, she is no more than a puppet, brainwashed by schools, culture, and the media. And believe me, the media is wholly engaged in this brainwashing. Stories abound in the newspapers and especially internet “news” outlets about how dangerous pregnancy is; sob stories about a child so wanted, but yet aborted because of possible fetal anomalies; a 12-year-old girl’s testimony at a state legislature hearing so that the right to choose abortion is available for her future – why ever is she thinking of her future in terms of sexual activity?

Puppets, all of them, dancing to the tune of the culture of death, mindlessly spouting chants, coming out to protest when summoned by social medial alerts to rally for the cause of death to the unborn. Black Lives Matter used this tactic to get their loyal carpetbagger followers out to protest anywhere in the country, e.g., 2020 George Floyd riots. It works.

Unfortunately for us, the biggest puppet of all appears to be the “devout Catholic,” Joe Biden, who rants against the US Supreme Court and promotes abortion every chance he gets. Is there nothing else of importance having an impact on the country to which he could devote his waning energy? Or worse, what problems lay hidden and unattended while the country is whipped up into an outward frenzy to kill its children? Doesn’t Biden realize at his age, any breath he takes could be his last? Does he really want these anti-life words of his to be his last?

And who is pulling his strings? Who is it that has the power to dangle this puppet president over the pit of hell as he defends the bloodlust around us?

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Cindy Paslawski

CINDY PASLAWSKI earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, back when truth and accuracy were prized. She has been active with the Wanderer Forum Foundation almost since its inception, while working as a reporter for The Wanderer newspaper. She has also worked on the front lines as a church secretary and most recently as a freelance book editor. As the Wanderer Forum Foundation/Bellarmine Forum's executive secretary and publication editor since 1995, she has overseen production of the Forum Focus and the Bellarmine Forum magazines, coordinated Regional and National Wanderer Forums, and saw to the publication of both Saving Christian Marriage (2007) and Slaying the “Spiritˮ of Vatican II With the Light of Truth (2017). She and her patient husband have six grown children and nine grandchildren.

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