And They Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Go to Mass

Among all the other things Mass is meant to be, it certainly stands out that it is meant for us, as the people of God, His children, to worship Him together.

A priest and friend from an unknown parish, in an unknown American location sent this photo of a booklet found in the sacristy. These are petitions meant for use at Mass.

Snoopy, Rock music, smell of rain...  Let us pray to the Lord

Snoopy, Rock music, smell of rain… Let us pray to the Lord

Check that out a couple times more.

I cannot make my mind up if that is better than the communist passive-aggressive petitions found in many parishes (“For an end to oppression and victory to the revolution…  ”  or “That society may be transformed into service and love of neighbor…”)

Watch out in the middle of this petition set, though…  as usual the ugly makes small appearances.  Notice “for dissenters and the right to dissent.”  Dang. I spoke too soon about the lack of communist passive-aggressive stuff…

I mean, I really enjoyed stereo headphones back in the day because I could listen to my talking heads tapes without waking the entire house. I also enjoyed Snoopy. Sure, thank God for that! LOL

Is this better or worse than what you hear at Mass?

These petitions lack something, though. Can anyone else get their finger on it? I notice that nothing in these petitions transcend the truths God has revealed. No mention of grace. No mention of God’s power to make straight the crooked. No mention of conversion. Just a bunch of man made stuff, nature, and dissent?

Is this kind of thing a mockery of God? Here is Our Lord ready to be consecrated and sacrifice Himself again on the altar in order to send supernatural grace to the willing, and we’re talking about “black and red and brown power”?  Does anyone even know what that is?


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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • sue says:

    It’s a mockery. The writer probably had a laugh.

    One exorcist said that the devil’s foothold in the Church was the self-love of its members. It shows everywhere, imho. (BTW, that exorcist has recently been crushed by a new Pope Francis-appointed bishop.)

    • John B. Manos says:

      I need to do a better job with some more pieces on the self-idolatry and neopaganism. Fr. Hardon worked on that explanation so long and he was really right. These people worship themselves as gods. Even the old pagans recognized that they themselves could not be gods. These folks today blind themselves to the obvious and go to new heights against Our Lord.

      Doesn’t this set of petitions bleed with human respect, though? who is “lord” to the author(s) of that text?

    • Andrew says:

      Sue, that same exorcist speaks of often in his talks about the problem of effeminacy among the men of the Church, lay and clergy. The nature of the novus ordo reinforces this tendency among many of the priests who celebrate it. They’re not offering The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they’re “presiding” over a gathering of the faithful ’round the table. The new Mass has deprived them of much of their priestly dignity and made them liturgical MCs who have to wonder often at what the audience, whoops – meant congregation – will make them happy. Even the “conservative” ones can’t completely escape this reality. There is no militancy in the NO. No “I came not to bring peace, but the sword.”

      I may be preaching to the choir, but, it can’t be said enough: The NO MUST be put back on the shelf, preferably in the Historical Anachronisms and Curiosities section of the Vatican Museums, post haste – for the sake of those millions who have had their faith undermined as a result of it. Plus the Pope do what he was told and consecrate Russia.

  • Patricia says:

    Oh my goodness! In the midst of some very difficult problems,this was the best laugh I’ve had in weeks!

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