March 17th — St. Joseph’s Fifth Joy.

17th Day.— St. Joseph’s Fifth Joy.

Seeing the Idols of Egypt Fall to the Ground.

1.  When the Holy Family had crossed the desert and arrived at the place of their abode in Egypt, tradition records a miracle.  The idols in the temples are said to have fallen prostrate on the very night of their arrival.  The news filled Joseph’s heart with joy.  The one thought of Joseph’s life was to further the influence of Jesus.  His one joy was to see Jesus beat down lis enemies and gather to Him men of good will.

2.  This joy of St. Joseph in the power of the Son of God was a recompense for the sorrow he felt at His apparent helplessness when he was commanded to carry Him down to Egypt.  Then it seemed as if He were utterly feeble against His enemies, but now the omnipotence of His divinity manifests itself by unmistakable signs.  So it is with those who trust in God under difficult circumstances.  It seems as if He were unable or unwilling to save them, but He will reward their patient confidence by some glorious surprise they had not even ventured to hope for.

3.  Christ’s task is always to destroy idols.  In my heart there are many idols: sloth, sensuality, selfishness, impatience, anger, neglect of religious duties, unkindness to others, self-love, disobedience, and, worst of all, pride.  If Jesus is to dwell with me these idols must be overthrown, and pride above all.  It is a difficult task, so long have they held sway there.  O good St. Joseph, bring with thee Jesus and His love, and cast down for me these hateful intruders that Jesus hates.



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