Fatima, Akita, Compromise: Normalizing Sin. Professor Dugin explains Russia’s Stand Against Apocalypse

I really don’t have to explain the problems we see in society to you, dear reader. You come here because we discuss these issues regularly and we look to the guidance of Catholicism to know our part and what God expects of us in today’s world. Here we are in June, the western world is having parades celebrating the chief capital sin, Pride. Meanwhile, June is set aside for us to be more devoted to the Sacred Heart. A deep rabbit hole of how the Sacred Heart devotion was revealed in France, and France is what brought us to a society today where people who lack any self-control and are slaves to lust celebrate it by parading the city streets in their underwear, or less. Yes, France did that. France brough liberalism wordwide. You see, France used to control the Papacy with an iron fist even.

A meme circulating social media has the slogan of the french revolution (liberte, egalite, fraternite) knocking down increasingly large dominos with "kids doing drag" being the last domino.
A meme circulating social media has the slogan of the french revolution knocking down increasingly large dominos with “kids doing drag” being the last domino.

Meanwhile, the USCCB today begins a special assembly, and it will have no public sessions. Instead, the bishops are having a retreat, but I found the N.C. Reporter’s analysis of the purpose of the meeting quite fascinating. In one place, they say that the retreat master bishops will not be “leading them into schism.” Funny… they don’t need to be lead, there… As I posted yesterday, according to Father Hardon, they’ve been there.

The Bishops are unable to Speak, Relegated Authority to Compromise

No, what is fascinating to me is this line in the Nat. Cath. Reporter’s article about a conundrum facing the bishops. They cannot figure out why people leave the Church and nobody listens to them!

screen capture of a portion of Nat Cath Reporter article with a paragraph about mass attendance and moral authority decline circled in red.
Reporting on the USCCB Spring Special Assembly, the Reporter says the bishops can’t figure out why mass attendance is declining, and how they lost moral authority.

You can see the full article on the Nat. Cath Reporter website, if you must.

The Bishops really can’t figure out why they lost moral authority? Perhaps the recent reporting on Cordileone and public sinners is a big hint, no? They can’t figure out why people are no longer going to Mass? Perhaps it’s because for forty years they’ve been gutting any obligations or feast days?

They will spin it away into our fault, though. Clearly, us people following “dead traditions” and believe that sin is error are the problem.

It’s a problem we’ve discussed so long here. Bishops refuse to name sin as sin and as a result have permitted sin to be normalized. Our Lady of Akita referred to it as “the church will be full of those who accept compromise.” An old BFP episode called this problem “detente with the devil and stagnation of the Church.” (note the French word used therein).

It truly is the error of French-style liberalism — it is compromise with the devil and normalization of sin.

Speaking of the French, we mix one more idea here: Russia defeated France. They called it the Triumph of the Cross, and the 1812 Overture enshrines it. In past discussions on Fatima, I’ve brought up the concept that Moscow sees itself, as one day being freed of its demons by Our Lord and becoming the new Rome. The third/fourth Rome, as it were. See this post (BFP Fatima June 13 Immaculate Heart, Moscow the Third Rome, and Crushing Napoleon the Rosicrucian) wherein I spoke on Moscow as Third Rome in relation to Fatima.

These notions get dismissed by many Catholics today. That’s sad.

So a friend sends me a link to a Youtube wherein Moscow University professor Alexander Dugin is being interviewed on Italian TV. This clip focuses on Dugin’s view of the issue in Ukraine. The subtitles are in English, if they do not appear, click the CC icon on the video and select English captions:

Professor Dugin sets up the problems of western neoliberalism well, and explains that it forces people to accept sin as normal.

Frame from the Dugin interview, at roughly 03:23

Why don’t I hear this from Bishops today? Seriously, when is the last time you heard an American Bishop say the word “antichrist”????

Again, Professor Dugin is saying nothing controversial here, and he is right — only by becoming allies with the devil can one defend sin as normal. Period. But again, why do our bishops stay silent, and now wonder why they have no moral authority? Why, indeed!

Finally, the one thing every American Bishop should be able to say about the United States… but we have to hear it from a Moscow professor speaking of Russia!

Dugin: “We cannot stand in a world where sin is normal.”

Dugin’s point made me cheer: “We cannot stand in a world where sin is normal!”


Now, review Fatima. Is this not what Our Lady herself said? It’s sad that our Bishops cannot speak like this. We need to pray our rosaries. Meanwhile, watch the video and weep, especially as you consider the Bishops fawning over the LGBTQRSTUVXYZ normalization, remaining silent on the cause of this mess (Humanae Vitae again), and their lack of speech, nay actual refusal to speak, on such elementary truths.

MEANWHILE — they are having synod after synod “listening”… hahahahaha They are supposed to proclaiming, aren’t they????

You tell me — should our bishops be able to say things this clearly? Why have the American Bishops lost their moral authority?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • John says:

    Our Bishops are not real bishops anymore, that’s the problem. It is because of the hijacking of the Vatican that happened in October 1958, and the novus ordo new rite in 1969, which invalidated many sacraments. There is an entirely new regime in Rome, and unfortunately Our Lady’s prediction of La Salette has become reality. The true Pope is hiding at present, in exile. The Vatican is preaching, not christianity, but a new world socialism. Many believe that Russia has left communism in 1991, and has been converted to christian orthodoxy. But it is only the outward appearance. Moscow Patriarchate were the typical judasses under Stalin, who betrayed many Christians and had them sent to concentration camps. The facelift of Russia is a facade, a cover under which they can attack the West. They strive for a UssR 2.0. All the errors in the West, like feminism, gay marriage, transgenderism etc. comes from the Soviet Union, these ideas were unknown here in the 1950’s. The real orthodox christians in Russia can not voice their opinion. So many people are badly mistaken because of misinformation, and alternative websites who promise “liberation”, and that is why they want to overthrow their own governments. Secret Plan is that Russia will conquer West Europe, and China will conquer North America, under the guise of “liberation”. So people have to wake up, pray the rosary for the conversion of Russia, and refrain from doing anything illegal against our own governments, because that is a grave sin against the fourth Commandment. This Commandment says honor your father and mother, but also honor the authorities, the government, and the King.

    • John B. Manos says:

      Thanks for this. Although I am aware of this history, and of the Gramsci warning, I think history has changed since Gramsci wrote in the 90s.

      100% on the rosary. We need to do what Our Blessed Mother told us to do!

  • Lonnie Lemburtner says:

    Napoleon also was a monophysite and used that to appeal to islam for reunification when in Egypt. Napoleonic coups were all the rage as inspiration for Latin American Cuadillos, but of course they derive from Julius Caesar’s usurping the Roman Republic from the dumvirs for his Christ-Killer son, Augustus. Louis Napoleon got the pope to make the Crimean War into the “Crusade Against the Heresy of Photius” to avenge his uncle’s defeat at the hands of Russia. Paul Johnson’s Modern Times shows Adenauer, deGaulle, and Gasperi were all Carolignians which is why his son, Daniel Johnson (Standpoint) was a major backer of Brexit. The pope made Charlemagne Emperor on grounds Irene Fortipace, the mother of the modern welfare state, was a woman, hence the throne was vacant. Charlemagne went on to exploit the Gothic Filioque to drive a further wedge against Byzantium. Now Biden is one quarter French due to his paternal Robinette grandmother and Blinken grew up in France, and the architect of the Ukraine war is Harvard’s John leDonne.

    • Gus Rumpling says:

      But of course, Magog is cognate with Magyar and Mongol, and Gog with Hungar, Uyighur and Hangook. Which is why the “west” is the magog, descended from Huns, Lapps, Finns, Vikings and American Indians. And the Shanghai pact is ancients (Byzanium, Persia, India, China) trying to reclaim their patrimony from the magog millenium. The third secret of Fatima is that the word vicar translates to “anti” in Greek, hence the popes are antichrists.

  • Sofia Ceramenes says:

    Marco Polo was Croatian, growing up in Constantinople, brat son of the occupation forces. He did not go to the Emperor of China, but rather to the son of the magog decimator of China to negotiate partition of the Orthodox lands between the Vatican (Litwo-Polish and Venetian) empires and the magog. Magog is cognate with Mongol and Magyar, Gog is cognate with Hungar, Uyighur and Hangook, which is why Edward Gibbon adored the Turks. He was one, thanks to his Hun, Lapp, Finn Viking heritage.

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