Feast of St. George and the “Revelations 12 sign”… end of the world?

Once again, being Catholic with normal daily devotions makes one “rapture ready” and apocalypse proof.

Over the past year, I have seen here and there various reports of the astrological alignment occurring today. Evangelicals, in particular, have been positing that this all has to do with Israel (the state made in the 1900’s, not the Old Testament nation or other sense). But they have been doing great gymnastics to avoid calling the virgin of the sky the Blessed Mother.

You see, nine months or so ago, Jupiter’s path in the sky took a path that placed it in the womb of the zodiac sign Virgo (“virgin”, but I know that readers here don’t need help with latin).

Then, 33 days ago, we had that solar eclipse that went across the United States at midday. I made a box like I did when a child and looked. I didn’t drive to the totality, but I had friends that did and they said it was neat. But for many evangelicals, they thought that was the “sign of Jonah.”  The eclipse was a harbinger for them.

St. George, pray for us!

Today, on the feast of St. George (St. George, pray for us!), September 23, occurs the “Revelations 12 sign” as they are calling it.

Let me take a moment here to say that I shun calling that book “Revelations.”  It’s Apocalypse in my bible. Yes, it’s an interesting book. For those of us tied to devotion to the Blessed Mother, that book speaks of great things at the unfolding of time. For the evangelicals, though, it is a cypher key for which they are always trying to fit pieces and make rapture rain down.

(does anyone else chuckle at the idea of rapture? … take me up, Lord!)

Some Catholics were even caught up in this mess, exhorting others to partake in the short fast known as St. Michael’s lent (or that’s what they were calling it). I’m never one to discourage the advocation of fasting, so I passed on commenting.

The Woman Clothed with the Sun

Popular evangelical apologists, such as L.A. Marzulli (who is working on a film that will purport that the solar miracle of Fatima on October 13, 2017 … the miracle of the sun… was actually aliens in a spaceship), think that the woman clothed with the sun is Israel. Now, he was on the air with John B. Wells and he takes a step that many don’t, in so far as he acknowledges that Catholics see the woman mentioned in Apoc. xii as Mary crowned in Heaven in resplendent glory. Not for them, they see her as the State of Israel,  See, for them, they eschew so-called replacement theology (wherein the new law instituted by Our Lord replaced the Old Law. Already, you can see a millions moving parts between our beliefs and theirs.

For one thing, the fact the St. Peter said I can eat ham is why I eat it every Easter. So, from the Apostles mouths themselves, they were believers in “replacement theology.”  I don’t need to mention all the other things that changed.

Other commenters that have popularized the significance of the astrological sign today, also take this view that the virgin of “Revelations 12” is Israel  (Steve Ciocallanti or Steve Mead, for instance).

I like Steve Quayle, too, but he’s also confused on this point. They hear it all from Catholics, too, because they treat Catholic beliefs to get where they are.

Have no doubts, though, that woman in Apocalypse 12 is the women foretold in Genesis, who crushes the head of the serpent — it’s Mary, the Immaculate conception!

The Sign Itself

Here’s the picture one of my astronomy apps gives of the alignment today:

It is kind of neat that Jupiter is now “born” and that the moon is at the feet of Virgo and the Sun crowning her head. But what got people as well is that the addition of Venus, Mercury, and Mars to the “crown” placed 12 visible stars there. Thus, it was the woman “clothed with the sun” and 12 stars in her crown.

I’ve said before that the miracle of the sun at Fatima and the other things had to do with the solar cults running amok, even into the Church. A sign like this means something to those people because their beliefs are driven by a monotony of clockwork wherein they seek hidden meanings and cast spells and such. The story about Balaam of the old testament tells us that they can muster preternatural power (just as Pharaoh’s priests did before Moses), but that’s not what we have.

In God, and in His sacraments, He gives us supernatural power. That is something greater.

And God does not ask us to view Him as a clock with mechanical arms and timings. No, He is a person. Three persons, in fact.

The only good thing I saw in all this was that people were talking about penance. Good. That’s the message of Fatima: prayer and penance!

Crushing the Serpent – St. George, too!

In Apocalypse 12, the woman is seen crushing the head of the serpent. Perhaps the neatest thing about today, and this so-called sign, is that it is also the feast of St. George, who has the renown of slaying the serpent also!

For those of us that say our rosary daily, and talk to the people of Heaven (saints) and the persons of God, today is just a neat way to recollect that we have a Heavenly army, lead by our Triumphant Leader! St. George, a military officer, surely serves at her command!

Now, I didn’t mention that some of those commenters said that we are supposed to get rained on in the United States by asteroids and destruction. I guess we’ll have to see what happens this afternoon!  LOL!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

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