Magazine: Building a Culture of Life. Winter 2014, Vol. IV No. 4

building culture of life featureLike An Aggressive Cancer…

Historically, governments, healthcare personnel, and society in general shared the presumption in favor of life. But no more. A culture of death is spreading like an aggressive cancer, skewing values, twisting beliefs so that the precious gift of life is viewed as disposable like a used coffee filter.

What can be done? As Father Hardon said, we live in a time of spiritual combat. Prayer and fasting are necessary armaments and fidelity to the Gospel of Life as a lifestyle is the only path open to establish a culture of life. We must bring Christ to the world through our actions. We cannot hold back. We cannot leave the fight to someone else. There is no one else. The time is now and each of us must take action to build a culture — from the ground up — of respect and love for one another.

The Bellarmine Forum is committed to promoting the Gospel of Life and has dedicated the four issues of its quarterly magazine in 2014 to that holy cause. This is the last issue of our Gospel of Life volume, and in it, you will find:

  • What is the one thing Fr. Hardon said was necessary to restore if the pro-life movement is to have hope?
  • After 42 years on the march for life, Where does Joseph Sheidler see for the future of pro-life?
  • Do you know about this midwest order of Franciscans that are bringing people of all faiths towards a culture of life?
  • What is the meaning of “life” and what did Saint John Paul II say we should do for it? Michael Kenney explains JPII’s blueprint for the culture of life.
  • Would Fr. Apostoli’s new book on the Works of Mercy and the culture of life be for you? Read our review.
  • Have you seen a pro-life billboard out and about that made you smile? Find out the secret this group uses to reach people with a pro-life message.
  • Are you able to explain to others why the seamless garment doesn’t fit a culture of life? David Paul Deavel explains the problem well and how to make it fit.

These and many other questions are answered in this issue of the Bellarmine Forum Magazine!

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