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Truth is stranger than fiction and I’m going to make you question what is really happening in the Amazon Synod, just 5 days away. 

The Amazons Were a Warring Tribe of Women

We need to go back to ancient history and the origin of the Amazon.  

The daughter of Aries, the Greek god of war, became the queen of the Amazonians, a tribe of warrior women whose trail of destruction stretched from libya all the way across to the Caucasian steppes.   They founded 7 cities, and built 5 or so temples to Artemis and Aries, known as Amazonium.  They were fierce and regarded throughout the ancient world, and their queen had even participated on the losing side of the Trojan War.

The Amazonian Face of Patmos and the Apocalypse

St. John the Evangelist was exiled to the Isle of Patmos.  Patmos is about twice the size of Key West, about 17 square miles.  The name “Patmos” literally translates as “my killing.”   It was here that a small sprawling Roman city had been flourishing since around 400 B.C. as the city served a temple of Artemis, one of the Amazonium.  St. John was there right in the midst of the Amazonian legacy.  The Amazons themselves had built the temple to Artemis.  

St. John, in the midst of this Amazonian environment, would receive the visions of the final battle and revelation of all history that now form the Book of Apocalypse in our bible.  The final battle, as it were, was positioned amid the legacy of the Amazonians.

The Amazon Flows into the Rhine, or vice versa?

Yesterday, proof that the Rhine flows into the Amazon came in the form of an interview published by German church backed Adveniat agency.  Adveniat is a relief group that sponsors help to Latin America.  Adveniat has been a source of money and logistics to prepare and propel the Amazon Synod.  In their journal, Blickpunkt Lateinamerika(Focus or Spotlight Latin America), they published an interview with Bishop Erwin Kräutler, retired bishop of Xingu Brazil.  Kräutler has been a key synod preparer since he met with Pope Francis about the idea in 2014.  Some say he is the author of the working document itself as well. See Lifesite coverage of the interview here.

Der Mastermind uber den Synode Amazonas

So this is the guy who has been the proponent and the mastermind of the Synod.

“not a dogma”

Among other things, Kräutler claims that Pope St. John Paul II’s declaration in the 1994 apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis that the Church is unable and lacks authority whatsoever to ordain women is “not a dogma.”   He then questions who can be ordained.  He flat out states that the synod must approve the ordination of women to the diaconate.

This is the German at the tip of the spear, and he’s the Blickpunkt of the German church’s demands on the Synod. 

War Paint Ready to Make Amazonian Face

Consider again that the working document of the Synod has several questions at the end, the last of which asks,

“What contributions could the communications media make towards building a Church with an Amazonian face?” and

“In what ways can consecrated life and its charisms contribute to the building up of a Church with an Amazonian face?

“Along these lines, it is necessary to identify the type of official ministry that can be conferred on women, taking into account the central role which women play today in the Amazonian Church.”

“an urgent need to evaluate and rethink the ministries that today are required to respond to the objectives of a Church with an Amazonian face and a Church with a native face

We are told that these indigenous peoples have much to teach us western minds, and that we should learn from them.  The Church must have an amazonian face, they say, and Bishop Kräutler wants the “pastoral agents” to be women.

Let’s explore the indigenous Amazonian Face, shall we?

Origin of the Amazon Name for the Amazon River

When the Spanish explorers entered the Amazon basin, they encountered numerous fierce and pitched battles with women warrior tribes.  It was Francisco de Orellana who said these must be like the Amazons of Greek history.  It was de Orellana’s observation that gave the Amazon it’s name.

In other words, the Amazon was named Amazon by the Spanish and it is the same name that the Greeks gave to the Warrior women descended of Aries, the god of war.

The “Amazonian Face” of the Amazonians or South Americans?

Etymologically, Amazon in greek means without a breast.  Some say that Amazonians cauterized the right breast of their young women so that they could better wield javelins and bows for war.  Metaphorically, of course, the Greek name implies a woman who cannot nurture.  

Other greek phrases describing the Amazonians include:

  • “man slayers”
  • “destroyers of men”
  • “equivalent to men”
  • “those who loathe all men”
  • “the unwed, flesh-devouring Amazonians”

There are a million other legends, historical accounts, and myths surrounding the Amzonians.  These, however, suffice to get the point across – they were man hating warring women.

The Original Pantsuit Warriors

The real kicker in this is that the Greeks describe them as wearing pantsuits and trousers.  An example of this is a greek vase from 470 BC:

Greek vase circa 470 B.C. depicting a pantsuit trouser wearing Amazon

Germany’s Historic Fascination with the Amazonian “Emancipation”

It gets stranger though.  Most of Europe had long forgotten the Amazonians, but it was Germany in the 19th century that began to depict them again in art.  Fascination over the Amazonians spread throughout Germany.  Franz Stuck, a Munich based artist, propelled popularity of the Amazonians with his works beginning around 1900.

Postcard playbill of the 1936 Nacht der Amazonen

In Nazi Germany open air events called “Nacht der Amazonen” (Night of the Amazons) were performed at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich between 1936 and 1939. These revues with bare-breasted girls presented an allegedly emancipated female role as part of the “new race” intended to be realized by racial fanatics.

Is the Amazon Synod just a Liturgical Nacht der Amazonen?

I don’t know if you catch what’s happening here, but it seems that Germany wished to repeat the Nacht der Amazonen in the Church, with indigenous peoples as thier human shield, and you as the target.

The pantsuits are marching to the beat of a German drum and seeking to put an emancipated “Amazonian face” on the Church.

This Trojan war has been fought and won before. 

The Rosary Will Stop It.

What can we do about it?  Pray your Rosary.  The Rosary is the weapon Our Lady advises.  Cardinals Mueller and Burke and Bishop Schneider have asked us to pray the rosary daily for a defeat of the problems.  

October is the month of the Rosary.  in 1960, Our Lady stopped a communist invasion in Latin America by the people praying their rosaries.  We can stop anything, even invasion of the Amazonians with the same!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

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