The Fix is in:  World Russian Council calls to remove abortions from the system of mandatory medical insurance

By John B. Manos / June 5, 2015 /

One of the earliest things the Bolsheviks did after destroying churches in an ISIS fashion was legalize abortion. In 1920, they cried that women were procuring back street illegal abortions and all they wanted to do was make it safe. They made a law permitting it to be performed in hospitals. Note the logic, the incremental approach. The initial…

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From Under the Rubble…Cheering for the Wrong Team

By Christopher Manion / December 11, 2013 /

  “I’ll tell you what I think God thinks of the Affordable Care Act. It’s a big Amen!” –Political Commentator Ed Schultz It’s not uncommon for the left-wing MSNBC to lead the cheers for President Obama. But it’s all too common, and more than a bit unsettling, when a Catholic bishop joins in the jubilation…

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From Under the Rubble…Hiccups in the Hierarchy

By Christopher Manion / October 28, 2013 /

Hiccups in the Hierarchy The Catholic Church in the United States is witnessing one of the most tumultuous periods in its history. So when the nation’s Catholic bishops meet in Baltimore during the second week in November, they will have a lot to talk about. Three years ago, the bishops rejected the establishment candidate of…

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From Under the Rubble…”Incredibly Small”

By Christopher Manion / September 14, 2013 /

During his speech to the nation regarding Syria on September 10, Obama spoke of “humanity” four times. Three of them reflected the sense of the term made famous by Turgot (+1781), the Enlightenment progressive for whom “the total mass of mankind (l’humanité) marches… slowly but steadily toward ever greater perfection.” In his prodigious studies of…

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Licensing of Parents: Totalitarianism Reaches for the Whole Human Race

By Frank J. Morriss, J.D. / July 17, 2013 /

Frank Morriss called it in 1998 that the obese and smokers would likely be denied health coverage under future regimes, and we keep hearing that under Obamacare, these people should pay exorbitant fines that would make their insurance prohibitive, but what about parents? Some today have suggested they be fined extra under Obamacare, too. What did Frank say would happen?

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Expanding the System: “Local” Alinskyian organizing acclimatizes the locals to accept the unacceptable

By Stephanie Block / July 15, 2013 /

What happens when grassroots political activism organized with Alinsky’s luciferian tactics decide to give you health care? It looks a lot like many of the social justice movements that operate on CCHD cash, with about the same concern for Catholic social teaching that any other hell-born and inspired movement could have… See who has been organizing to give you health care and how they work within your parish.

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The Obamacare Decision: A Fix By Voter Fraud

By Charles E. Rice / July 7, 2012 /

THE OBAMACARE DECISION: A FIX BY VOTER FRAUD By Charles E. Rice Section 455 of the United States Code provides: Any justice, judge or magistrate judge of the United State shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. He shall also disqualify himself in the following circumstances: xxxxx (3)…

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