What? Moscow helps Paris fund Notre Dame Christmas tree?

(click to see original RT article, and if they still have it online, see for yourself what the tree actually looked like — we used to have Fair Use laws in the United States that were reasonably understood among everyone, but today, there are some that want fair use gone and any picture must be paid to see).

Yesterday, Russia Today released a story that is probably lost on Americans, most of whom have only dim faint lines of history.  Catholics, however, particularly anyone with a mild knowledge of Fatima, are keenly aware of Russia’s role in the 20th century.

Back in the 1700’s, France and Russia got into a knock-down drag out war.  Russia’s victory of the French invasion in Moscow (yes, there were two miracles there, one from the Blessed mother and her icon and that of the people resorting to the Cross, specifically chanting the Troparion of the Cross, resulted in the sure defeat of France.  Subsequently, in thanksgiving, the Tsar commissioned the building of the Cathedral of Christ Our Saviour in Moscow, and the consecrated all of Russia to Our Lord.

You’ve got to understand something here…  France was seen as the secular invader, the Godless beast.  It was, actually.  That was an apocalyptic battle.  I still get irritated that Poland cooperated with France, or at least rolled over and allowed Napoleon passage.  We would likely be looking at an entirely different Europe had it been otherwise.  However, that digression into alternative history aside, even passing up the question of how that relates to the later questions of cooperating with evil, there is something wild afoot here!

Recall that over the next 100 years from that consecration, Russia would be turned into the biggest secular beast on the face of the earth.  But since then, something strange has been happening over the past twenty to thirty years.  More and more, Russia is showing up around things Godly.  Take for instance this story:

Christmas cheer has come to the French capital, as Notre Dame de Paris was graced with its Christmas tree, funded and set up with Russian help. This year the local parish could not reach its financial goals, so Moscow stepped in.


Saturday’s ceremony was attended by Russian ambassador Aleksandr Orlov and the rector of the Notre Dame de Paris, Monsignor Patrick Jacquin, both of whom took part in switching on the enormous tree.

“I have chosen this tree from my forests,” came the announcement from none other than Santa Claus, later revealed to be Russian embassy spokesperson Sergei Parinov.

via Christmas blessings from Russia: Moscow helps Paris fund Notre Dame X-mas tree — RT News.


Thank God for the generosity of the people in Moscow, BUT…   You have to ask yourself:  what is wrong with France that they can’t take care of their own Cathedral?  And more…   that the Russians will!?

This WAS an image of Russian funded tree at Notre Dame for 2014 — as appearing on the RT news article (click to see original and for credits – provided that the RT story is still online). It’s now AI generated fake news. We still believe we have a fair use right and maybe the lawfare people will get reasonable…. but until they go away, we are stuck with fake.

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