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Let’s sit down and chat about this mess today, and how we’ve come to the end of the modernist climb and marxist normalization of the Church. The “listening church” of synodality appears to be nothing more than an enactment of Richard McBrien’s Catholicism. How the shock cycle of media today seems to feed the balkanization of Catholics, the use of “defending the pope” as brown shirts, the calumnies used to marginalize Catholics that just want to be left alone, the weaponized petitions, and how it all started. Voices of the battles of the 80’s had better analysis, but today’s voices seem to miss a lot. Much of the harshest things we hear about today were done already by American Bishops decades ago, back then there was recourse to Rome…  but what’s different today is Rome isn’t listening. Our Lady told us at Akita…

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  • John Raymond says:

    I reject Francis and church he heads as non Catholic, probably what Sheen predicted in 1948.

    The Catholic Church is Spotless Bride of Christ. In eclipse. My priest flies Cincinnati to Texas to give us Sacraments. We have no Catholic Church in Austin Tx. to Our Lady of Sorrows.
    Not in union with idolator and habitual attacker of Mother of God .
    Fine to print my email