BFP The Church Mess Today is Deja Vu

By John B. Manos / September 25, 2022 / Play in new window | DownloadLet’s sit down and chat about this mess today, and how we’ve come to the end of the modernist climb and marxist normalization of the Church. The “listening church” of synodality appears to be nothing more than an enactment of Richard McBrien’s Catholicism. How the shock cycle of media today…

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BFP: Liturgical Battlefield: Are You a Victim or Combatant?

By John B. Manos / May 9, 2022 /

Pope Francis said that we Traditional Catholics should not make a battlefield of the liturgy.  Because he complains of Catholics hanging on to outdated things and old ideas, it is like he is saying that people who want a united and sacred liturgy (traditionalists or trads) disrupt the purpose of liturgy…  who are the real combatants?  why is this deja vu?  and what did Father Hardon say we can do about it?

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BFP: Rest Easy! The Greatest threat to the Church has been Removed!

By John B. Manos / July 19, 2021 /

News about the Motu Proprio issued by Pope Francis and how it was important to vanquish this greatest threat to the Church today! (tongue in cheek interviews included)

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BFP The 1 Thing Archbishop Sample Did to Save the USCCB Meeting

By John B. Manos / June 20, 2021 / Play in new window | DownloadYou will be surprised at this one thing that happened at the USCCB meeting — and we have Archbishop Sample to thank for it. Is this what Bishops are supposed to be doing? Naturally, there was something dumb done right after Archbishop Sample spoke — now some bishops want…

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BFP: An Empty Hell Means No Triumph of the Cross

By John B. Manos / September 14, 2020 / Play in new window | DownloadWhat people say and what they really believe are often different.   There was the famous English free-thinker, Hobbes.  He used to stridently assert his whole life that there was neither God nor angel, still less was there a devil or hell.  Despite all his strident insistence, however, he had the greatest dread…

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By Cindy Paslawski / August 20, 2018 /

He is known as the  Pope of Children, and also the Scourge of Modernism; he was the Servant of the Poor, and the Pope of the Holy Eucharist. Guiseppe Sarto – Pope St. Pius X – was all of these and yet his many accomplishments were mere outward signs of the tremendous faith and holiness…

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This is Why Fr. James Martin Makes no Sense – Your Annie Oakley Decoder Ring

By John B. Manos / August 31, 2017 /

I promise you that this post will become a decoder ring for you to read Fr. James Martin and others in the AmChurch. You’ll laugh and rub your hands with glee as you will be able to predict exactly what he’ll say about things. You see, he’s just a modernist, in my humble opinion, and he’s following…

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7 Surprising Things about St. Pius X

By John B. Manos / August 21, 2015 /

Pope Pius X was an ordinary guy who changed papal dining habits, created a spy network, caused miracles, carried candy for street people, and gave daily sermons – all while fighting modernism! but wait! there’s more!

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Yes, it’s Bad, but Stop Belly Aching and Start Acting like a Soldier of Christ

By John B. Manos / August 13, 2015 /

It was a changing point in my life: “Lord, I feel really bad for you because I can leave this place, but You can’t!” I’ve never really looked at things the same ever since then. I had walked into a new parish to me in Michigan, one that was close to where I lived, and was…

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The De Smet Statuary at SLU: An Alternative Approach

By wffguest / June 2, 2015 /

by Fr. Claude Pavur, S.J. Editor’s Note:  This guest commentary is by Fr. Claude Pavur, S.J. on the recent controversy surrounding the Fr. De Smet statue at St. Louis University. Fr. Pavur is a well-respected Jesuit priest and scholar–formerly of St. Louis University, now at Boston College–and the Bellarmine Forum is honored to have his contribution here. The two…

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