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In today’s “prepper” society, we are often told to prepare for calamity by purchasing survival rations, and exchanging our cash for gold. That’s because they want us to be ready for the calamities they believe are inevitable. The Church has always had a “prepper” society, though.

With November, when harvests are in and the season’s yield measured, the Church usually reminds us of the four last things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell.

Everyone in the “new” modern Church says it’s just too harsh to tell people about Hell.  St. Andrew Bobola will convince you otherwise.  Not to mention, his story explains why Our Lady showed hell to the children at Fatima.

Heaven is a concept abused and used to lull people to sleep these days.  See if you agree how this happens as the tactics of the enemy are discussed.

A couple twists, though:

  • Why the people who praise Luther today have to say hell is empty
  • The horrific martyrdom of St. Andrew Bobola, and how his last recorded words teach us the meaning of the Fatima prayer
  • Why Our Lady showed hell to little children at Fatima
  • The Rich man and Lazarus:  How to have a sandwich waiting for you in Heaven
  • Why many people give up on piety
  • Is Heaven really a place where nothing happens
  • Why we have hope

In this episode, Caryll Houselander is mentioned.  A paraphrase of the opening story of her book The Reed of God is mentioned.  That full quote from the beginning of the Reed of God is here:

“When I was a small child, someone for whom I had a great respect told me never to do anything that Our Lady would not do; for, she said, if I did, the angels in heaven would blush. For a short time this advice ‘took’ in me like an inoculation causing a positive paralysis of piety. It was clear to me that all those things which spelt joy to me were from henceforward taboo ­ blacking my face with burnt cork, turning somersaults between props against the garden wall, putting two bull’s-eyes into my mouth at the same time-all that was over! But even if I faced a blank future shackled with respectability, it was still impossible to imagine Our lady doing anything that I would do, for the very simple reason that I simply could not imagine her doing anything at all.

“The inoculation of piety wore off quickly, and so completely that when the sunset warmed the sky over our tangled garden with a pink glow, I thought that it must be the faint reflection of the rosy blush that suffused all heaven!

“This would not be worth recording but for one thing, namely, that the wrong conception of Our Lady which I had is one that a great many other people have, too; a very great many people still think of Our Lady as someone who would never do anything that we do.”

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