Lionizing Heresiarchs: Bishop Barron Praises Luther, Why Not Arius too?

martin luther should not be praised

Our English language has truly descended into such fluidity that this whole post is probably not even worth writing. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to say something. Bishop Barron has commented on Martin Luther, and some of the language he selected makes my stomach turn. I’ll get to his thing in a minute…  First, let me set the table. […]

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So What is Sexagesima Anyway? (the real secret to easy grace)

I never realized when I studied the Illiad and the Odyssey in latin in high school just how much my perceptions of words from latin were forever changed. I take for granted that latin words sound completely different to someone not familiar with latin. Recently, I was talking to someone and mentioned that Sexagesima Sunday was approaching. They […]

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Lent Preparation: Earn an eternal merit badge this year

I’ve written before on the notion of lent being a time to fast and on the power of fasting to cast demons away. Today, people have totally shifted their concept and consider a fast “too much.”  Those who say that have that luxury only today because the Church has mitigated the impact of the second law. Consider […]

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