Two Popes? You mean like the Two Headed Year of Mercy Logo?

When Satan decided to tempt Adam and Eve, notice that he did not appear as himself… instead, he camoflauged himself as something germaine to the Garden of Eden. He appeared to Eve as a serpent — serpents were in the Garden. I’ve often wondered if all the animals spoke in the Garden of Eden because Eve seemed nonplussed that a snake was hanging out of a tree talking to her.

Step back from that story for a moment — it should challenge you a little. Take for instance, the images that come to mind of the antichrist. I bet you pull in images in your mind’s eye of a monster of some sort, or a really slick guy that does evil stuff. Something grandiose, right? But that’s not what happens… instead, Satan chooses to blend in.

Had Satan appeared as himself, Eve may likely have been tipped off that something was wrong and ignored his suggestions. Instead, we know how that resulted: our first parents failed.

Switch gears entirely for a moment. Do you remember the Year of Mercy logo? I spoke about it in a very popular post, The Four-Armed, Three Eyed Monster of the Year of Mercy logo isn’t Catholic. At first glance, it looks kind of like an icon. Yet, even to this day people say something it disturbing about it (much like a talking serpent).

Never mind for a moment, now that I’ve discussed the serpent tempting Even in the garden, that the guy draped over looks like the serpent in the tree depicted in images of the fall of Adam and Eve. Okay — I can see some people rolling their eyes at that one, but … it does look like that.

I pointed out in that old post that the two heads and the third eye were disturbing, and the third eye AWAKENING was a goal of occult groups to indicate “illumination”… need we be reminded that in Genesis 3:7, we are told that after eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, and sinning, Adam and Eve’s “eyes were opened”… they were “awakened.” (recall that the official explanation of the logo described it as an awakening).

Two Heads on Jesus in the Year of Mercy Log

I never really saw that logo the same way as I do now. It is still disturbing, but now, it seems that the two heads is more prominent.. almost as if that was the message (on top of the occult coded symbols discussed in the earlier post).

Image of a two headed pope from 2016 Hillary White post

In 2016, Hilary White wrote a post discussing Anthony Socci’s argument that we had two popes. Among other things, the major assertion was this:

He has not explained its theological [meaning], but in his last speech he said: “My decision is to give up the active exercise of the ministry, not revoke it.”

Benedict accompanied these words with the decision to stay in the Vatican, to continue to get dressed in the cassock and white skull cap, to keep the papal coat of arms with the keys of Peter and the title of “His Holiness Benedict XVI”.

Quote from Hilary White, “How many popes? As many as you like, because, Nominalism!” (2016)

Hilary points out that there was a number of events to show that the curia was in quite the uproar and eventually, Pope Francis made a point to say that the Papacy was not shared. Ultimately, the point is clear:

But the main thing we can learn from this history is that Socci is quite right: in 2000 years, there has only ever been either one pope or no pope. Never two. A pope who resigns isn’t pope any more. Even if he is so mentally wacked out on Nominalism that he thinks he’s still a half-pope, or the “contemplative” part of an “expanded petrine ministry” or whatever else he comes up while smoking whatever it is he’s smoking. Reality is still what it is, and can’t be changed by the whim of any man.

White, id.

Could the Year of Mercy Logo had been an effort to push this idea of a mutated papacy? Two heads? Something other than one guy as vicar?

Recently, Ann Barnhardt and Dr. Mazza have put forth a hypothesis that Pope Benedict only intended to resign from the Roman See, but not the papacy. Fr. Z discusses it on this post.

Fr. Z quotes Fr. Weinandy (who I wrote about here when he was removed from the USCCB – We can all Breathe Easier now that Fr. Weinandy is Gone) on this interesting point on schism in the Church starting at the papacy:

“What the Church will end up with, then, is a pope who is the pope of the Catholic Church and, simultaneously, the de facto leader, for all practical purposes, of a schismatic church. Because he is the head of both, the appearance of one church remains, while in fact there are two.

The only phrase that I can find to describe this situation is “internal papal schism,” for the pope, even as pope, will effectively be the leader of a segment of the Church that through its doctrine, moral teaching, and ecclesial structure, is for all practical purposes schismatic. This is the real schism that is in our midst and must be faced, but I do not believe Pope Francis is in any way afraid of this schism.

Fr. Weinandy in 2019

Fr. Z goes through Mazza’s thesis on succession of the keys of St. Peter and whether it is handed off like a relay flag, or if conferred by the College of Cardinals. He observes that not all of Mazza’s points are consistent with the study on Petrine succession published by Cardinal Ratzinger.

Then, Fr. Z goes through all the permutations, if this one is anti-pope, then that, and so in. It’s tiring and unnecessary in my view.

What is interesting here is that there is a possibility that Benedict retained the Petrine office. If that’s possible, then that means Francis is not. He’s some sort of grafted image. Sort of like that two headed logo…

Was the Year of Mercy Logo made to explain the curia crisis described by Socci in White’s article above? Graphically, two heads are melded into one…

If so, then that’s even more disturbing.

two heads melded together?

“As if in a mirror”

The Fatima children said in the third secret, “we saw a bishop dressed in white” but not as a real image… they described it as: “something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it”. A mirage… a mirror can make one thing appear as two.

I get why people discuss what this all means with a Pope Emeritus and all… I don’t know the answers to all that. I do know that the Year of Mercy logo was not symbolism from Catholic symbolon… as I said in 2015, “it’s something else”. Sort of like all these two pope theories – they go together.

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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benzinger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Jane says:

    It always looked to me like Christ Our Savior carrying me, his sheep, on His Shoulders, and looking intently into my eyes and loving me. And the two of us, me and Him, through His Mercy, becoming one.

  • Chris says:

    There is only one Pope and that is Francis. This article’s title is at the very least disrespectful to the Pontiff and is very telling of you as a person and your level of respect towards others….God Bless you and keep you.

    • John B. Manos says:

      Thank you for your perspective. I don’t know any other way to express the idea that I reported herein however. There are several people that have been asking this question: can we have two popes?

      • Jane says:

        I don’t think it’s possible to have two popes. Pope Emeritus XVI himself said that he wanted to be referred to as Father Benedict, didn’t he?

        • John B. Manos says:

          I don’t recall “Father Benedict” coming from Pope Emeritus.

          Jane, I agree with you and that is what the kerfuffle among theologians is over – there can be only one pope or no pope (vacancy). There is continued discussion on what Pope Benedict meant when he said he was abdicating active role. Was Pope Benedict trying to create a vacant see until he passed away? Was the college of cardinals wrong to elect another so soon? I don’t know the answers, but those are reasonable questions. What I do know is that the year of mercy logo has strange symbolism and the one head grafted onto another seems germane to those questions.

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