Why we need 12 Days of Christmas and How the Catholic Bishops Robbed us of Them

Many in America tell us God has no place in the public sphere. Especially Jesus. Nativity scenes are forbidden on Government property, unless it’s one of a hundred different displays. Christmas is preceded by months of advertising. The “you need this” advertising of vehicles and jewelry now began soon after Halloween.  Christmas is secularized.  To top […]

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Who Needs a Savior?

I’m glad Christmas is an octave+. It’s just too much to soak in in one day. I heard that on a recent Polish polka show, the hosts were cracking a joke that Christmas for Poles begins at Midnight Mass and they don’t leave the house for 12 days. It’s funny because it’s true. Between the ham, the Christmas carols, […]

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“It’s A Wonderful Life”: Capracorn?

As is my Christmas tradition, I watched Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” once again last night. Watching the accompanying featurettes, I was surprised to learn that the film was somewhat of a box-office failure when it was released. Critics described Capra’s vision just as Old Potter described George Bailey’s idealism: “sentimental hogwash.” The director’s […]

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Sausages, Fireplaces, and The Mystery of Christmas Traditions

Well, I am within the 12 Days of Christmas, so I don’t consider this article late (by the way, don’t forget the Epiphany House Blessing!). My bride and I both spring from good ethnic stock–she, a Chicago Polack; I, a Cleveland Slovenian. But through the strange twists and turns of Providence (and decisions that I can only […]

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Who is this Savior Born of Mary?

Christmas is wrought with contradictions and hope. I love it. I always have to wonder just Who people think Jesus is and what His Incarnation means for us today, though. Besought with an authoritarian government, the encroachment of Marxist demoralization, and myriads of distractions foisted on us by the mass media, it is difficult sometimes […]

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