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Is Common Core Unraveling? Or Is It Changing Face?

By Stephanie Block / May 17, 2016 /

Now that everyone knows what “Common Core” is, nobody is talking about it except to mock it. But, has it really disappeared from Education administrations?

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Catholics and the Common Core State Standards: FAQs answered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

By Stephanie Block / May 14, 2014 /

The controversy over Common Core State Standards that is raging across the country has not spared Catholic dioceses, which are also wrestling over whether to implement them. When challenged, some dioceses point to the support they have received from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the bishops’ national bureaucratic arm. (recall our coverage…

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Beyond Common Core: Transformation from a family-centered society to a society-centered family begins with a community hub

By Stephanie Block / April 30, 2014 /

Being on the email list of veteran education researcher and author Charlotte Iserbyt is like being in the passenger seat next to a particularly fast driver. As uncomfortable as the position may be, jumping out of the car would be worse. This is the agenda to expand education into Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. Iserbyt…

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Controlled Burn, Alinskyian organizing, and Common Core (Book Review)

By Stephanie Block / February 18, 2014 /

Controlled Burn Alinskyian organizing and Common Core: A Book Review of A Match on Dry Grass: Community Organizing as a Catalyst for School Reform By Mark R. Warren, Karen L. Mapp, and the Community Organizing and School Reform Project, Oxford University Press (2011) The title of this book, A Match on Dry Grass, is a…

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Family Planning as a Component of Early Childhood Education Programs

By Stephanie Block / February 4, 2014 /

When National Nuclear Science Labs study how to change the beliefs of your children, the recommendation appears to be sending government agents into your home. Surely the Church would oppose this, right? Stephanie Block reveals one weird program your tax dollars has been conducting by a nuclear science lab.

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Getting Testy about Testing

By Stephanie Block / December 12, 2013 /

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that Johnny – and Juan – could read. They could recite the multiplication table, too, and could quickly make change, tally a ledger, and calculate simple percentages. Their teachers didn’t teach to a test; they taught basic, academic content. Johnny’s score on standardized tests – and Juan’s –measured…

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Footnote 54: Should Catholics be concerned about Common Core?

By Christopher Manion / November 19, 2013 / Play in new window | DownloadThe National Catholic Education Association has endorsed the Federal Government’s “Common Core” educational standards. Should Catholics be concerned?

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Common Core and Catholic Education

By Stephanie Block / November 12, 2013 /

Catholic Education Daily recently broke the news that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – criticized in pro-life circles for its “family planning” grant program encouraging the use of contraceptives in developing countries – paid the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) more than $100,000 to support teacher training and materials on implementing the Common Core…

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Can We Say “Socialism?” Nationalized education imbedded in a workforce-management system? Well, what would you call it?

By Stephanie Block / September 5, 2013 /

Opponents of Common Core need to be wary of the Marxist dialectic afoot that may trap them into making the very thing they hate come true by their own hands! Stephanie Block brings some twists to the Common Core discussion. … look for this: “He and other globalist corporate heads want the privatization of ALL education in order to implement the Soviet polytechnical workforce training system called for by Carnegie in 1934”

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A Little Catholic “Education” History: Getting Alinsky into the Catholic Parish

By Stephanie Block / June 22, 2013 /

Recently, while preparing an article on Common Core national standards, someone suggested that I might be interested in the “open letters” written by a group called Catholics for Truth in Education operating in Illinois from 1974 into the 90s. Interestingly enough, a set of these “open letters” just happened to have been sitting on my…

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