Fr. Walter J. Ciszek

Brebeuf Jesuit Prep in Detente with the Devil versus How to be Humble in the Month of Pride – BFP014

By John B. Manos / June 29, 2019 /

Two Jesuit-educated alums consider whether the Society of Jesus is marching under “the other standard”, secularization, how to find refuge and thrive in the devil’s world we find ourselves in today.

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God’s Pursuit of Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J….and Each of Us

By John M. DeJak / January 8, 2018 /

I suspect every person—at one point in his life or another—has a moment when he reflects on where he’s been, where he is, and muses at where he might be going. Similarly, I suspect that each person also has a moment where he reflects (or even agonizes) on what might have been if another path…

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Gain the Freedom to Love God Anywhere, Anytime! 5-Star Book Review: With God in America by Fr. Ciszek

By Terri Aluise / September 24, 2016 /

Get Access to New Fr. Cizszek Writings! Gain the Freedom to Love God Anywhere, Anytime! 5-Star Book Review: With God in America!!!

If we have a living, trusting, acting faith, then we know that God is around every corner of our life, that he does indeed walk with us and talk with us and love us, so deeply, so immensely that our life for him, our dearest friend, is like a tiny flame of a match compared to the burning world. Do we act on this all day long? Don’t we often act as though God is somewhere out there in the vast, impersonal sky, too concerned with the really big things of the world to be thinking of us? Aren’t we often like the apostles in the boat, thinking they have to wake God up so that he will pay attention to us?

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Fr. Ciszek and the North American Martyrs: Reflections on Sinfulness and the Love of God

By John M. DeJak / October 4, 2015 /

On August 4, 1964, Fr. Ciszek began his annual eight-day retreat in preparation for his final vows, which he would take on the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, August 15, 1964. The site for this particular retreat was the Shrine of the North American Martyrs (also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs),…

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A Skiff in Raging Waters & Grace and The Value of Suffering in Marriage

By John M. DeJak / January 18, 2015 /

Author’s Note:  My wife Annie and I were honored to be asked by Fr. Nate Meyers and the good people of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Buffalo, MN to deliver a reflection on marriage for their annual Cana Dinner. It was a wonderful evening, and I commend our remarks (especially my bride’s!) to the friends of…

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In case you missed the Good Fight

By John B. Manos / November 7, 2013 /

Last Saturday, I was the first hour guest on Barbara McGuigan’s The Good Fight. We spoke about St. Nicholas, the HHS Mandate, punching Arias, and what the saints have done when the state uses its power to oppress and suppress the faithful. I enjoyed chatting with Barbara and discussing these things, and I think I’m getting…

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Bomb-Throwing Jesuits

By John M. DeJak / July 31, 2013 /

The tomb of St. Ignatius Loyola is situated at a brilliant side altar in the Society of Jesus’s Mother church in Rome, the Church of the Gesu. One of the most striking features of the tomb of St. Ignatius is the sculpture to the right of the altar entitled “Religion Overthrowing Heresy and Hatred” by…

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Roman Journal: (A bit more than a) Mid-Point Report

By John M. DeJak / June 14, 2013 /

Greetings all, from Borgo Santo Spirito 4:  The Curia of the Society of Jesus (see below right). Already I am following in the footsteps of the great Hilaire Belloc who broke every vow he made on day 2 of his Roman pilgrimage. Instead of giving you a daily update, I am giving you an update a…

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On Pilgrimages

By John M. DeJak / June 6, 2013 /

One hundred twelve years ago this month, Hilaire Belloc left his wife and several children (5, I believe) back in England while he made a pilgrimage across the continent to Rome for the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul. He began in his old garrison town where he served a stint in a French artillery…

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Our Lady of Fatima and Two Humble Priests

By John M. DeJak / May 9, 2013 /

Having learned of Pope Francis’s desire to entrust his Pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, I decided to settle down to the famous Fatima documentary from the mid-1980s narrated by Ricardo Montelban. Besides enjoying the suave and debonair devout Catholic and proprietor of TV’s Fantasy Island, something struck me in this documentary about Our Lady’s message to…

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