Stephanie Block

“The Shutdown Won’t Stop Us”

By Stephanie Block / October 17, 2013 /

Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ), an Alinskyian organizing network that works directly with clergy, seminarians, and unions,i sent out an e-letter titled “The shutdown won’t stop us.” Their point was that even if the government isn’t working, IWJ is still on task, helping to organize rallies around the country for comprehensive immigration reform. The term has…

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The Problem with Catholic Relief Services

By Stephanie Block / October 9, 2013 /

Unlike the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which was founded to fund left-wing political organizations and has never deviated from that path, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has a long (since 1943) and honorable history of humanitarian service, providing food, clothing and medicines around the world, wherever the need was great. Over time, health care, nutrition…

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Can We Say “Socialism?” Nationalized education imbedded in a workforce-management system? Well, what would you call it?

By Stephanie Block / September 5, 2013 /

Opponents of Common Core need to be wary of the Marxist dialectic afoot that may trap them into making the very thing they hate come true by their own hands! Stephanie Block brings some twists to the Common Core discussion. … look for this: “He and other globalist corporate heads want the privatization of ALL education in order to implement the Soviet polytechnical workforce training system called for by Carnegie in 1934”

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Buzzword Compliant or Kool-Aid Drunk?

By Stephanie Block / August 21, 2013 /

The National St. Vincent de Paul Council and its subsidiaries have an honorable history of addressing serious social problems at their roots, within the family, using a holistic approach long before the concept of a “holistic” approach was in vogue. If ever there was an organization engaged in a compassionate and genuinely helpful response to…

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Lynching the Population Research Institute

By Stephanie Block / August 16, 2013 /

Florida’s Bishop Lynch gets defensive over complaints against Catholic Relief Services Bishop Robert Lynch, ordinary for the Diocese of St. Petersburg, writes the blog titled For His Friends. On August 7, he posted “Hurricane Heading towards Africa,” an article in which he excoriates the Population Research Institute (PRI) for revealing that several African bishops have…

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Expanding the System: “Local” Alinskyian organizing acclimatizes the locals to accept the unacceptable

By Stephanie Block / July 15, 2013 /

What happens when grassroots political activism organized with Alinsky’s luciferian tactics decide to give you health care? It looks a lot like many of the social justice movements that operate on CCHD cash, with about the same concern for Catholic social teaching that any other hell-born and inspired movement could have… See who has been organizing to give you health care and how they work within your parish.

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Film Review: Occupy Unmasked – Looking at the organized roots of “Occupy Wall Street”

By Stephanie Block / July 10, 2013 /

Ever wonder what happens to the cash that the CCHD spent into alinsky-type Marxist groups? One good theory is presented in a documentary on the so-called occupy movement. Stephanie Block reports on whether this film documentary is worth watching and what it reveals.

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Plugged into the System Catholic Schools and Compulsory Education: Book review of Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America By Steve Kellmeyer Bridegroom Press, 2005 (221 pages)

By Stephanie Block / July 2, 2013 /

Think the education system is merely limited by funds? Maybe there was a problem from the beginning causing our kids to fail. Stephanie Block analyzes whether Steve Kellmeyer’s book Designed to Fail hits the nail on the head or slips off the mark.

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A Little Catholic “Education” History: Getting Alinsky into the Catholic Parish

By Stephanie Block / June 22, 2013 /

Recently, while preparing an article on Common Core national standards, someone suggested that I might be interested in the “open letters” written by a group called Catholics for Truth in Education operating in Illinois from 1974 into the 90s. Interestingly enough, a set of these “open letters” just happened to have been sitting on my…

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Explaining Common Core: And why you don’t want this in your schools

By Stephanie Block / June 19, 2013 /

Since 1965, states have been given over 118 BILLION dollars (in addition to those supplied at the state/county level) through ESEA [the Elementary and Secondary Education Act] has supported a system in which 1 in 7 adults are functionally illiterate. Are the Marxists pushing new stuff into education (again)? Catholics wouldn’t go along with that, would they? Read Stephanie Block’s exposition.

There is a rather extensive list of “dangers” she sees in Common Core, including the denial of “absolute truth in God,” “making all truth relative and determined by group consensus,AND MORE!

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